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We presently have 2 Champion studs available to select girls. These boys have clear eyes, heart, hips elbows, PRA1 and 2, Prdc PRA, Degenerative Myelopathy and Ichthyosis tested. Both of these boys live elsewhere co-owned with other breeders.

Current stud dogs:


1-CH. Shaynedoro Dance All Night TT-Thoreau co-owned with Jane Lalande. (Australian and Giltedges lines)



3-Grand CH. Feli Fey Flying Dutchman TT - Spinnaker. Co-owned with Christina Degazio (Dreamkeeper) and Jamie Veraldi (Eden) He often comes here to breed either in the spring or fall, if you want to breed to him please contact Jamie.

(UK & Netherland lines)


Up coming boys:

Hobart (DOB: March 4th, 2019 ) his registered name will be Youngcountry’s Hobart because he was raisfed by Jane Lalande.. Hobart is a son of Import Alubyc Send In The Clowns Zenevieva and Blackpool Odell Castle. Photos soon. Sterling (DOB: June 23rd, 2019 ) his registered name is Zenevieva In Designs With Blackpool Sterling is our latest Import from Ireland . We continue the tradition of importing new blood to Canada to offer the best of Europe’s pedigrees we’ve made connections with Ireland top breeder. Zenevieva kennels. Breeders Kerry Kelly flew over to visit us and drop off this beautiful young boy. Sterling will be our next Grand Champion. His pedigree can be found on K9data.com . He is the son of “ C.I.B C.I.E Nordic CH NORD CH FI CH SE CH(S) DK CH(S) EE CH EE JCH Clearing Pond's Ice Man Qualified in the field a very balanced top show dog in Finland and also qualified Retriever total balance of beauty and brains. Luca’s dad Wilson goes back to RONJALEE RAGAMUFFIN AT MOTLAISA the father of Blackpool the Ice man. Now on Sterling’s mom side Zenevieva by Design we have on her mom side: mom is Zenevieva U Looking At Me a half sister to our Keeva. Then on her father’s side we have “Jackson: Int Sh Ch + Dutch Ch + Lux + German VDH & Club Ch Herwildy's Michelangelo Club Winner '14, Dutch Jr CH, Luxembourg Jr CH.”

Retired from public stud:

4-Youngcountry Tee Off Blackpool - Driver

Fostered with Amy Wardell

(Australian lines Fantango)


2-CH. Blackpool Funny Bone TT Our home grown boy is just finished his title with two BOB from the classes.



CH. Brevmacs Blackpool Chimo TT - Chimo

Fostered with Amanda Henderson Shala, not at public stud.



Ch. Azzuro Skies of Beauly Highland (5/4/2015-)


Majik's Mr Darcy OS CD CGN (Sire of 9 Show champions, 1 Agility Trial Champion, one TD, Three CD, #Rally titles and agility titles)

CH. Malloy

CH. Hunter

CH. Johnny (Has two Champion daughters)

CH. Borden



18 Male Champions

Can Ch Blackpool Funny Bone TT

Int. Ch Can Ch Blackpool On The Rhode Again

Ch. Shaynedoro Dance All Night TT

Grand CH Feli Fey Flying Dutchman TT

Ch.Brevmacs Blackpool Chimo TT

Ch. Blackpool Tucker

Ch. Fantango Johnny Walker (AUS import)

Ch. Youngcountry Borden

CH. Blackpool's One N Only McDuff TT CGC RN

CH. Blackpool Gibson On Tyne

CH. Brevmac Dune Just Fine

CH. Majik High N Mighty

CH. Blackpool The Ice Chip

IABCA Int'l CH Blackpool Acadia Cosmic Cowboy

Blackpool Dexter N Aspen RA OAP OJP XFP

ATCH. Blackpool Sir Reginal at Cranbrooke MSDC-ADC-SGDC-AGDC-MJDC-MSCDC-MADC Owner/trainer Sheri L. Grantham


CH Azzuro Skies Beauly Highland


CH Blackpool The Pheonix

Jag owner: Dana Turnbull

Our very Special boys

Canadian Nationals 

There is a lot that goes into owning and managing a stud dog. Much more work goes into it than most people who haven't owned one, would ever know or could appreciate the work involved. It is a very dog eat dog world out there, and in the world of stud dogs ownership. It is much different than owning bitches. The stud dog gets all the "blame", if there is a problem of any kind with his offspring, but on the other hand, he also gets the fame for the litter, it's as if there wasn't a mother involved in the litter. We think the stud dog gives a maximum 40% and at least 60% of the credit and input of the outcome of a litter goes to the bitch. This is not to take any heat off the stud dog, but the dam has a greater deal of impact on the outcome of a litter. Yes people often say: "It takes two to tango" but we know the stud dog is truly an absent dad he will not care for mom, nor help raise the children.

The quality in a litter comes from the dam, so it takes a good quality, producing bitch, to pull off a good breeding and litter, she must however, also take some blame, as well for problems that may occur during the development phase of the litter. What she eats, how she is cared for (indoor or out) what pollution she is exposed too affects how the pups develop in her. How she raises those pups and nutures them also may affect their behaviour. Nervous bitches will often have nervous puppies. Mom is there to model appropriate behaviours, just like our children model our behaviour, likes and actions. That's why we believe she plays a much greater part in the outcome of a particular litter.

Our Thoreau wins reserve winners dog at the 2016 Canadian National Specialty under breeder judge specialist A. Mills.

Breeder duties:

Many hours are spent, making sure guest bitches get bred in a timely manner, and just at the right time of their heat cycle. We make sure that the girls have all proper veterinary checks done, before we breed them to our stud dogs.
The money you get paid for the stud service is exactly that. It is for a service. This service involves all kinds of things. Foreign bitches that come in for breeding that you must go pick up at an airport. Some girls are virgins and present a real challenge to the stud dog. No matter how long it takes in hours or days to get that breeding, we try our hardest to get it done. First timers (girls) are usually the ones that a stud dog gets in the start. They can be stressed, moody, and fearful away from home. After all they are in a strange place, so naturally this is not uncommon. We never breed a girl that would be nasty to people. That is truly incorrect for this breed. We usually ask the owners of these girls to send them a few days in advance so they can warm up to us. Usually that works well and the girls get settled in our house. Once they are bred the owner comes pick them up or we drive them back to the airport. Most girls are here for about a week but some stay as long as two. all depending how early in their cycle they were when they came to us. With modern technologies a breeder can test for LH surge announcing that she will be releasing her eggs. This helps us to know when the girl should be bred.

Dusty Our Foundation Outstanding Sire