Nationals 2007 Lac Carling Resort Quebec


Peter and Duff (Dusty X Storm son)



Borden wins second in 12-18 sweeps

4th place Nationals owner handled

What a cute face.


Big boy McDuff goes fourth owner handled in the sweeps Way to go Heather!

He then takes 3rd place at the nationals and 4th at the regionals.


Duffy smilling.

Bet prouves to be a favorite and wins two 4th places in her class both days. Of course owner handled.

As you can see she did this totally out of coat


Bet making faces for the camera. This girl sure has pigment.



AJ places third in a large Open Bitch class at the Quebec regional and third at the Toronto regionals. AJ


Wonder makes the cut at the specialty in a large open dog class.

He also wins third place in Toronto in a large open dog class. Not bad for a young lad.

Two more Dusty kids




Shaynedoro Finally Omaragold One more Dusty daughter wins a fourth and the a second place in Quebec. All this owner handled.

Blackpool Falaise's daughter out of Nevada getting ready for the specials ring. Groomed by Lise and Carole Brechbill. By the Nevada goes on to win the nationals Specialty. Congratulations to Carole Brechbill what an exciting weekend we all had (Carole is also Dusty's co-owner)