***** Alert in respect to the current situation Blackpool kennels has decided to close our doors to visits until our current government gives our nation an all clear.


Litters 2020:

Mid July 2020 litters with Citrine and Ch Keeva (Irish Import) Reservations are now full. This will be both girls last litter. Our sweet Citrine is finally in season she will be bred soon those who are on the reservation list please expect an email in a week, once we’ve bred Citrine and Spinnaker. I will send you the expected date of birth in return you can send a $ 500 deposit. Puppy visit start at 4 weeks of age. The first week puppies are very fragile so we don’t confirm we have a puppy for you until the second week. Please feel free to join our Facebook group ‘Blackpool Golden Retrievers’ if you are purchasing one of our puppies. Darryl will continue to update our Facebook group. Contact us later in the year for litter updates for 2020. Price of puppies $2700.00 “ call back 2021 litters Am Ch CAN Gr Ch Callie “ in the subject line. If Covid 19 has subsided and government allows home visits Next year.
If we have extra puppies we will contact those who sent an e-mail with the words “ call back 2020 litters Citrine“ in the Subject line.. same goes for Keeva “ call back 2020 litters Ch Keeva “ We only take deposits after the girls are confirmed pregnant. Keeva will be bred In April stud Will be Spinn . If at any point before the breeding the government closes vet clinics we won’t breed the girls. This is why we won’t take deposits until they are bred. Deposit $500 Refundable if we have no puppies.



These beautiful puppies are out of Serein and Storm.

Thank you to our young Barrie Volunteer children, for coming over and playing with the puppies.

Best ever unpaid work!           

Please call us to make an appointement. (705-728-4741)

All our pups are home raised and start going outside for potty as soon as they are old enough. (Weather permitting) Please take a look at our Facebook Group: Blackpool Golden Retrievers and join if you have reserved a puppy.

**DNA Health clearances for all four parents in these litters are planned in such a manner that they should not produce the following eye disorders PRA 1, PRA 2, PRDC PRA. The muscle disorder: Degenerative Myelopathy is also avoided and the skin disorder: Ichthyosis A will not be produced. ( Icht.....means fish scales in Greek, the animals with this disorder are not itchy, they just have skin that flakes like fish scales. This can be a pain to live with for the humans more than the dog.) If you would like more informations on the steps taken by our small kennel to prevent the disorders that are avoidable in the next generation please feel free to contact us. We believe that if there are tests out there that can make our Goldens live longer healthier lives why not take advantage of it. These test are not cheap, and won't prevent mutation of the disorders from showing up in a new mutation. ex. PRA already has 3 mutations but only two test are available. All our doggy parents have clearances for hips, elbows, eyes and heart. Please be aware that a certain percentage of pups, no matter what breeding, in all breeds, may still have one of these disorders to a certain degree no matter how many generations of hip cleared parents are in the pedigree. Plus environmental factors such as food and weight gain can affect the development of hip and elbow disorders. Pups are born with perfect hips growth is what affects the development. Factors such as jumping, running, slipping and being overweight transforms the hip and elbow joints. Their is no guarantee a dog will not develop hip problems their is only hope they will not develop it.

When you talk genetics with us you will understand that even if the parents are cleared Mother Nature may have other plans. No DNA tests have been developed for cancers, epilepsy, hips, elbows, heart disorders, or the eye disorders such as Pigmentary Uveitis. (A dominant gene so only one parent needs to carry it and it leads to Glaucoma).

Every breed has it's list of problems even mixed breeds like Golden Doodles are not immune from this. If they were we would all turn to mutts. Ex PU is a dominant gene meaning only one parent in this case "The Golden" needs to carry the disorder. I haven't even touched the other dominant disorders Poodles carry. Same goes with cancers.

If a breeder tell you otherwise run. Run away fast! They are dishonest from the get go.

Because of the unpredictable when it comes to genetics, we offer six weeks of free pet insurance and recommend you continue this for the dog's life. And we also offer a three year guarantee if the dog dies before three years of age. Please review details on our site.

Photo of Blackpool pups going to the vet.

Blackpool kennels


How to adopt a puppy:

Steps to getting a pup from Blackpool kennels:

  • Contact us by e-mail anytime or phone between 10 AM and 6 PM : 1-705-728-4741
  • Come visit us remember we like meeting our puppy buyers call us for weekday or weekend visits.
  • If you are serious and after you have contacted us by mail or telephone fill the questionnaire send it and/or print it out and mail it. (Remember to let us know you have done this step)
  • Once approved send us a deposit.
  • If you send us a check please Include the filled out "deposit form" along with the non-refundable deposit. We accept Money transfers and Cheques. If you are mailing a cheque please be aware that we only accept them for the reservations. Call us for more options.
  • You will not be able to take your pup home until they turn 8 weeks old and paid in full..
  • Pet pups are sold on non-breeding contracts. We do not accept personal cheques for final payments.
  • Notice to all Non-Canadian buyers/purchasers: Do to the new US Center For Disease Control requirements for entry of puppies into the USA. On top of the health certificate for border crossing, all pups entering the USA will need to have been given a rabies vaccine 30 days prior to entering. Since Rabies vaccines must not be given before 12 weeks of age the pup will be 4 months before he/she can leave for the USA. We prefer not keeping puppies for this long. If you can obtain your CDC confinement agreement it would be greatly appreciated. This agreement allows you to bring your puppy into the US and do some house breaking and training during that month. To find information and the form please read the following site and follow the instructions. So far all our clients have been approuved.

    Link to confinement agreement Link to USA confinement agreement.

    All purchasers: If we need to drive to the airport there could be added cost. Cost of crate and extra 24 hr vet check for: "fit to fly" vet certificate must be included More details when you call. We can, fly puppies from Toronto Pearson International Airport or meet your incoming flight. Also for those who have theri own plane. We can meet you at Lake Simcoe Airport. They maintain "Commercial Port-Of-Entry status" offer Canadian Border agents from Monday to Friday Only. Please check their website for more information and phone numbers.