Blackpool's Belle DOB 10/04/1992 - 09/27/2008

We had to say farewell to our dear Belle on Sept 28, 2008. She would have been 16 years old on October 4th. She didn't quite make it to the grand old age of 16 years like our Callie girl did, but she came darn close. Her eyes, legs and spirit were still strong, she still climbed the stairs to the house on her own. She even walked the trails with us just days before leaving us like she loved to do, always looking for wild turkeys or maybe even a deer. Her eyesight was excellent, her hearing was very selective, but she could always hear her food being prepared :), but what finally gave out was her heart in the middle of the night.
It was the very best way to die with dignity, in her her sleep, dreaming of all the happy moments she experienced during her wonderful full life with us, the cats and the rest of the guys and gals here at Blackpool.
Belle was out of our very first litter back in 1992 when we lived in New Liskeard. She was the pick of the litter promised to our daughter if she allowed us to sell the rest of Ripple's puppies. Catherine wanted to keep all 13 pups like most kids want to do!
Even at age 5 Catherine had a keen eye for a dog and her choice of Belle was a great one. Belle slept in Catherine's room, listened to all of Catherine's fears, tears, dreams, successes and would becomes Catherine's best friend for over 15 years. Belle was a fun, happy adventurous puppy and always seemed to do something to make us laugh. As she grew older she matured into a sweet, happy lady. She loved puppies right up to her last day. Nothing seemed to make her happier than to play with puppies. Her puppies lived long and happy lives, making many people very happy with her off spring. Even after Catherine left for University Belle would climb the steps and wait for us to open Cate's bedroom and then she would walk in and fall asleep. Only during this last last year did the 15 steps become too much for her and she would lie right at the bottom of the steps which was the closest she could get to Catherine's room. When Catherine would come home from university Belle would do a little prance because she was so happy to see Cate. At those times we would carry Belle up the stairs and she would walk the final few steps into Cate's room and would turn to look at us with a sparkle in her eye as her kid was back. We never kept anything out Belle because her dad developped epilepsy at age 5 and we didn't want to pass that on. So we have no offspring to continue her leggacy. But again there will only be be one Belle and that was Catherine's Belle.

Above Belle walking the trailswith the young ones.

Bellow: Last photo Farewell sweet Belle!