Ch. Blackpool Funny Bone


Snug at six months standing on slippery floor.


Snug at 9 months picked up by our daughter Catherine.

Snug relaxing in the kitchen.

Snug finishing his Champion title with his second Best of Breed at the KW shows. Winners dog under Doris Willis on Saturday and BOW and BOB from the classes on Sunday under Wera Hubenthal. Thank you judges and thank you to our wonderful handler Sarah Drake.



Blackpool Funny Bone- AKA Snug- Our beautiful puppy out of Tickle`s litter to Storm. He was my pick of the litter, even though I didn't need another male. Just look at those eyes could you resist? I certainly couldn`t help myself, so he stayed. A few days after all his siblings left poor Snug got very sick and almost died. His sister Biggles tried staying beside him snugging him and trying to get him to get up but the virus ravaged his body. High fevers, vomiting and finally the diarrhea. He went to emergency and stayed there for a week. We kept our fingers crossed, the vet updated us every day. I said prayers for the poor little guy, he was so weak he could not eat, walk or even lift his head. Mid week the vet told us to expect the worst he wasn't responding to treatment, there was only one more thing she could do. But these meds could affect his bones and cause joint problems. We wanted to do everything we could for the poor little guy so we said go ahead and try to save him. The next day we got no news, Thursday we were so afraid to call dreading the bad news but just then the phone rang, the vet said that his numbers were going up. Friday he still wasn't taking in food, but could lift his head. Saturday we were told to come pick him up. He could not walk but if we could get him to eat a little he would be on the mend. Our poor boy was no more than a bag of bones, no fat, no muscles. His body had absorbed up all his fat and muscles to survive. The next thing would of been his organs. He escaped death but at what cost. Only time would tell. Darryl would carry the poor boy outside to go to the bathroom and after going he would collapse unable to stand for very long. Slowly he progressed, we fed him and did therapy. Everyday we moved his legs to build muscles and massaged him to make him feel good. Snug enjoyed every minute of it. Biggles had her brother back and wanted him to play, not ready for it yet He lied there taking her abuse but one day he got up to go after her for stealing his bone. We were so surprised it was his first attempt and getting up on his own. His sister had managed to do what we couldn`t getting him to get up. From then on he made all his attempts on his own. He slowly built his ligaments and muscles and started to walk then lope and finally he could play with the rest of the dogs, just like his sister. You could never tell he went to death`s door. We will always be thankful to Allandale veterinary Services for saving his life and the life of our other dogs affected by this nasty virus. The others dogs were older and had a much easier time than him. Sadly we did lose two dogs, so we ask people not to visit other kennels prior to visiting our house. This virus was spread by people visiting an affected kennels then ours. The spread of Parvo happens so easily and goes around fast. The cost to save our dogs was immense, but well worth it.

Pedigree for: Ch Blackpool Funny Bone
Breed : Golden Retriever Bred by : Michele and Darryl Tuominen
Sex : male Owned by : Michele & Darryl Tuominen

Date of Birth : 6/22/ 2015


Health: CHIC# 122537

Hips: OFA GR-119535G24M- VPI

Elbows: OFA GR-EL39283M24-VPI

Eyes: OFA GR-EYE12768/20M-VPI

Heart: OFA GR-ACA282/13M-VPI

DNA for PRA1: carrier Animal Genetics results

DNA for PRDC PRA clear by parentage

DNA for PRA2 clear by Animal Genetics

DNA for Ichthyosis: Clear by Animal Genetics

Degenerative Myelopathy: clear by Animal Genetics

Muscular Dystrophy: clear by Animal Genetics

Call Name : Snug Awards: 2X Best of Breed from the classes.

Sire : CanGCH Bonett Bride Fire Tower CCA

S:Multi JCH, Multi Ch Bonett Bride Double Decker


D: Srb.CH Non-Stop Irish Ivy S:

Dam : Blackpool Tickle The Ivories

S: Can. Ch. Axe Bahia de Ria Vela


D: Blackpool Porshe CJ




Contact Details
Darryl and Michele Tuominen
2607 Line 2 North, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0
Phone : (705) 728-4741
Email :

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